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SEPUP represents best practice in science teaching. With direction from the National Science Standards, SEPUP provides environmental contexts that stimulate students to act as science practitioners. The performance assessment rubrics allow students to actively participate in the evaluation of their work. Over the year, students develop a broad range of skills including; lab design and investigation skills, communication of science ideas, and evaluation of evidence and tradeoffs.

The science vehicle is delivered through many disciplines: applied math, social perspectives, reading in the content area, and written expression just to name a few. Thorough lesson plans and pre-sorted lab materials ease the time commitment to a reasonable load for the science teacher to bear. I cannot imagine my teaching career without it!

Liz Nelson, Teacher
Tucson, AZ

"In my 26 years of teaching, I have seen students change in many ways. These days, if it has nothing to do with them, they don't want to learn it. SEPUP is relevant to the lives of my students and they love it."

Debby Rogers, Teacher
Walnut Ridge (AR) Public Schools