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Design-Your-Own Custom Molecular ModelIing Set

kit #530A

Teachers, why limit your lab activities by using only standard molecular model kits? Now, you can design your own activity kits. This complete assortment of color coded atoms and bonds allow the flexibility to create individualized models and molecules. Just like the standard model kits, atoms are modeled in polypropylene with flexible vinyl connectors to represent the bond "linkages." Double and triple bonds are easily constructed. The models are easy to assemble, well constructed and come apart only when you want them to come apart. This Lab-Aid contains an extensive assortment of 480 atoms plus 300 bonds.


Content List in Design-Your-Own Custom Molecular ModelIing Set is as follows:

Quantity Description
20 Bromine (blue green), single electron bonding
20 Chlorine (green), single electron bonding
20 Fluorine (pale green), single electron bonding
100 Hydrogen (white), single electron bonding
20 Iodine (dark green), single electron bonding
25 Oxygen (blue), double electron bonding
20 Sulfur (yellow), double electron bonding
25 Carbon: Sp2 hybrid (black), tetrahedral bonding
75 Carbon: Sp3 hybrid (black), tetrahedral bonding
20 Chlorine (green), tetrahedral bonding
25 Metals (silver), tetrahedral bonding
20 Nitrogen (red), tetrahedral bonding
25 Oxygen (blue), tetrahedral bonding
25 Phosphorous (purple), tetrahedral bonding
25 Silicon (gray), tetrahedral bonding
20 Sulfur (yellow), tetrahedral bonding
300 Covalent electron bonds
Number of groups