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Graphite Crystal Molecular Model

kit #502

This challenging kit illustrates the complete lattice atom structure. Students see the van der Waal’s forces and how they permit the layers to easily slide over one another. The model shows graphite, a form of crystalline carbon, as a layered structure composed of a 2-dimensional network of atoms. Each carbon is surrounded by three others in a plane. This is different than the diamond which has four carbon atoms arranged in a tetrahedron.
Teachers can make an actual comparison to a diamond crystal (LAB-AIDS® No. 501) to show how a difference in the bonding affects the physical properties of the two substances. The skeletal "lattice" provides a sense of depth giving a real impression of a solid. The graphite crystal model makes it possible to see the entire concept: atoms, unit cells, cleavage planes and the geometry of bonds.
When completely assembled, the model is large enough for everyone in the classroom to see. the bonds and "forces" are composed of a flexible plastic, making it easy to take the model apart for reuse and storage.


  • Construct a lattice atom structure
  • Observe atoms, cell units, cleavage planes and geometry of bonds
  • Observe the van der Waal’s forces
  • Observe how forces permit the layers to slide over one another
  • See relationship of bonding to physical characteristics

Content List in Graphite Crystal Molecular Model is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teachers Guide
200 Carbon atoms (black) pyramidal (Sp2-hybrid) centers
260 Covalent plastic bonds
60 Van der Waal’s forces
Number of students
1 group
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Graphite Crystal Molecular Model 502 $77.20
Diamond Crystal Molecular Model 501 $32.05