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Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition

kit #442

Student groups use a LAB-AIDS® Mini Stream Table to investigate the dynamics of stream erosion and deposition. Using specially engineered materials students create, observe, describe, and interpret the erosional and depositional patterns created when "rainwater" flows over an area. Some of the features commonly formed include canyons, braided streams, and deltas.


  • Water falls to the surface where it collects in rivers, lakes, and oceans
  • Landforms are the result of a combination of destructive forces such as erosion and constructive forces such as deposition of sediments

Content List in Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition is as follows:

Quantity Description
6 Lab-Aids® Three-piece Mini Stream Tables (stream bed, stand, catch basin)
6 Lab-Aids® Rainmakers
6 30-mL Graduated cups
6 Plastic spoons
6 9-oz Plastic cups
2 400 CC bottles of Lab-Aids® Stream Sand
1 SDS (Safety Data Sheet) packet
28 Student Worksheets
1 Teacher Guide
1 SDS packet
Number of students
Number of groups
Maximum 6 groups per period

To complete this kit requires one ~50-minute class period.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition 442 $171.55
ADD A GROUP for Modeling Stream Erosion and Deposition 442EL $34.95
Stream Sand Mixture, 400 cc 442-B01E $10.25