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A Natural Approach to Chemistry, Second Edition Student Book


A Natural Approach to Chemistry Student Book
Very careful attention was paid to the design-for-readability of the text and other printed materials. The Student book is over 700 pages and is presented in a hardbound format
♦ Each chapter has its own icon which is always in the upper right corner of every right hand page
♦ Every page is laid out the same way, with generous white space. The book is graphically uncluttered
♦ There are more than 2,000 detailed, content-rich illustrations. These are not just pictures, but carefully drawn illustrations that teach the same ideas in the text but in a graphical way
♦ Icons - The same vocabulary icon is used on every page, as is the solved problem icon
♦ Vocabulary: The main words, phrases and concepts on each page are summarized on the page header, the side margin and the vocabulary box at the bottom of the page
♦ One idea per page - placed in the page header of every page
♦ Paragraph headers - every paragraph has the main idea in the left margin. This helps students skim and scan, and identifies what they are reading
♦ Solved problems - every formula has a solved example problem immediately following, on the same page
♦ The same problem solving technique is consistently followed throughout the text: What are you asked? What information is given? What relationships involve what is asked or given? Use the relationships and information to solve the problem. Clearly state the answer.

Title Item # Price Quantity
A Natural Approach to Chemistry, Second Edition Student Book NAC-2SB $99.95
A Natural Approach to Chemistry, Second Edition Laboratory Investigations Manual NAC-2LM $26.25
STUDENT BOOK BUNDLE (Student Book and Laboratory Investigations Manual) NAC-2SBLM $120.75