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Earth and You DVD (created by the American Geological Institute)

kit #AGI-1

Created by the American Geological Institute, the voice of the geoscience community, the EarthandYou package is an amazing resource for Earth System Science. Aligned to the National Science Educational Standards, EarthandYou brings planet Earth and its systems right into the classroom through stunning high definition footage and Hollywood style animations. You and your students will be able to go to places impossible to see any other way. Video vignettes take you back to Earth’s beginning, plunge you into Earth’s hot interior, carry you up through volcanoes, over mountaintops, into deep oceans, through the evolution of life, with geoscientists in the field, and much, much more.

Arranged in a series of short chapters, each quickly accessible using an onscreen menu, EarthandYou is the perfect tool to introduce your students to Earth Science concepts and help them understand the big ideas that underlie Earth System Science. Many of these concepts are difficult for students to understand because they are outside students’ everyday lives. EarthandYou will help your students form a clear visual sense of how Earth works, and how solid earth, air, water and life work together as a set of systems driven by the Sun’s energy and Earth’s inner heat. The audio track includes narration, dramatic sound effects and music, all recorded in the highest technical quality.


The EarthandYou DVD received a Telly Award. The Telly Award is widely recognized as the premier award for non-broadcast TV. The Telly Award Competition receives over 13,000 entries annually from the finest ad agencies, production companies, TV stations, cable companies, interactive agencies and corporations in the world. It is a remarkable achievement to be selected for recognition.

Content List in Earth and You DVD (created by the American Geological Institute) is as follows:

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