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Food Nutrient Analysis BILINGUAL ENG/SP


This Bilingual English / Spanish Lab-Aid is a variation of the Food Analysis kit (LAB-AIDSĀ® No.6). In this kit however, tests are performed using pure samples of the nutrients in order to standardize the tests. Working in teams, students are asked to test for, and identify, five classes of nutrients: sugar, starch, lipid, protein, and Vitamin C. Once the tests have been completed and their observations have been made, students are then asked to draw conclusions about their results, the controls, and samples that showed no reaction. In this kit the chemical labeling is in both English and Spanish. It also includes two sets of Student worksheets, one printed in English and one in Spanish. It is necessary to have a hot water bath available for the test of simple sugars. This Lab-Aid has a limited shelf-life.

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Food Nutrient Analysis BILINGUAL ENG/SP 6A-BL $112.75