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Genetics Concepts BILINGUAL ENG/SP


Duplicate Mendel’s years of work and research in five lab periods, is it possible? Yes! Through a series of simulated experiments, students experience the same problems encountered by the “Father of Genetics.” Students “rediscover” his Law of Genetics using specially designed GAM-ETO-DISCS® and TETRADICE® to simulate Gametogenesis and fertilization. These unique LAB-AIDS® items produce random genotype combinations that are statistically consistent. As consistent as if done with living organisms. This lab activity was developed in a game format to achieve a high level of interest and involvement by the students. All material in this Bilingual English / Spanish activity is for 50 students is reusable. In this kit includes two sets of Student worksheets, one printed in English and one in Spanish.


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Genetics Concepts BILINGUAL ENG/SP 70-BL $99.00
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