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Immunology and Evolution Experiment BILINGUAL ENG/SP

kit #92-BL

The focus of this highly motivating Bilingual English / Spanish kit is on determining the evolutionary closeness of organisms based on antigen-antibody blood analysis. Why this topic is so fascinating? Because it is a basis for discussion about a very controversial topic: The Theory of Evolution. Immunological comparison (homology) is probably the most fascinating of the five methods used to classify organisms. Using synthetic blood serum, students have the opportunity to see textbook theory come alive in a dramatic lab exercise. As the students observe the immunological differences, they identify various animals’ relationships to humans. With this kit, students learn first-hand about relationships among organisms, common ancestry, even the identification of blood from unknown sources and techniques of blood immunology. In this kit the chemical labeling is in both English and Spanish. It also includes two sets of Student worksheets, one printed in English and one in Spanish.


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Immunology and Evolution Experiment BILINGUAL ENG/SP 92-BL $87.15
Immunology and Evolution Experiment 92 $85.00
Immunology and Evolution Experiment REFRESH-A-KIT 92-RC $49.75