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Lab-Aids Clear Chemplate, pkg of 10

kit #800

The Lab-Aids Clear Chemplate (Pat. No. 3,692,498) is a high-impact, clear, transparent, plastic tray with twelve small, circular numbered wells and one larger oval well. Included along with each Chemplate is one gas-collection cap and one combination stir stick/measuring spoon. The Chemplate eliminates the need for cabinets full of glassware, provides a semi-micro, low-waste, environment for conducting many experiments, and is a safe and economical means for students to conduct experiments individually and in small groups. Its presence in the classroom has changed thousands of science teachers’ ideas of how to conduct labs.
Each Clear Chemplate provides:
♦Twelve small, numbered wells for use as “micro test tubes."
♦ One larger well for rinse water.
♦ One combination stir stick/measuring spoon.
♦ One gas collection cap* for collecting and testing small quantities of gas in the small wells.
♦ A demonstration tool when used with a document camera (or even an overhead projector.)


Flexible tubes for the gas-collecting caps can be purchased separately as item 800-GT.

A package of 10 white, opaque Chemplates is item # 800-W.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Lab-Aids Clear Chemplate, pkg of 10 800 $19.95
Gas-collecting Tube for Lab-Aids Chemplate, pkg of 12 800-GT $9.70
Lab-Aids White Chemplate, pkg of 10 800-W $19.95