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Exploring Energy Efficiency (Developed by SEPUP)

kit #206S

Students investigate energy transformations and explore the efficiency of these transformations. In Part I, students estimate the efficiency of a flashlight bulb to produce light by using calorimetry to measure how much “waste” heat energy is produced. In Part II, students calculate and compare price, energy consumption, and cost per hour for incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs.



  • Energy is transferred in many ways
  • Electrical circuits provide a means of transferring electrical energy
  • Identifying and controlling variables is essential to good experimental design

Content List in Exploring Energy Efficiency (Developed by SEPUP) is as follows:

Quantity Description
9 9-volt battery harnesses with alligator clips
9 Hot Bulb trays, LAB-AIDS®
9 #50 flashlight bulbs (7.5 volts, 0.22 amperes)
9 sockets
9 Foam caps
9 Thermometers
1 Transparency: Energy Laws
Note: This kit requires the use of nine 9-volt batteries that are not included
32 Student Worksheets and Guides
1 Teacher’s Guide
Recommend number of students
maximum 32 at the same time
Number of groups
maximum 8 at the same time
Total potential number of students

To complete this kit will require one to two ~55 minute periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Exploring Energy Efficiency (Developed by SEPUP) 206S $111.50