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Organic Chemistry: Modeling Hydrocarbons

kit #131

This LAB-AID allows students to construct the homologous series of hydrocarbons such as alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, and benzene. It also includes non-bonding valences. Students construct a composite of all linkages, regardless of compatibility, in their determination of molecular properties. Twelve complete sets of molecular model components are provided, one for each group of two students. Additional sets of molecular model components are available as ADD A GROUP item # 131EL.


  • Construct homologous series of hydrocarbons
  • Understand how certain elements can combine to form organic compounds
  • Demonstrate single and double bonding between atoms

Content List in Organic Chemistry: Modeling Hydrocarbons is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide
36 Student Worksheets and Guides
12 Packages containing: 6 Carbon plastic tetrahedral centers (black), 12 Hydrogen plastic atoms (white), 19 Covalent plastic bonds
Number of students
maximum 24 at the same tme
Number of groups
Maximum 12 groups at the same time

To complete this kit requires one ~50-minute class period.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Organic Chemistry: Modeling Hydrocarbons 131 $123.55
ADD A GROUP for Organic Chemistry: Modeling Hydrocarbons 131EL $14.35