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Qualitative Introduction to Water Pollution BILINGUAL ENG/SP


What are some common causes of water pollution in today's world? ♦ Organic waste from sewage ♦ Industrial chemicals dumped into ground water ♦ Rain contamination by air pollution ♦ Fertilizers and pesticides washed into water from farmlands This Bilingual English / Spanish kit provides an unsophisticated, but effective way to examine their region's natural and treated waters. The easy-to-perform chemical tests in this kit qualitatively identify many common water pollutants. Pollutants are detected through color changes - the deeper the color, the greater the pollution. Results are safe, reliable and very dramatic. Tests are performed for these common pollutants: Ammonia, Chlorine, Chromium, Copper, Cyanide, Iron, Nitrate, Phosphate, Silica and Sulfide. While conducting these tests, students also learn about the different methods used in quality water testing methods, how to interpret results from these methods, and how to identify the pH of locally collected water. This kit includes enough material to conduct 50 tests for each of the ten major pollutants. In this kit the chemical labeling is in both English and Spanish. It also includes two sets of Student worksheets, one printed in English and one in Spanish.


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Qualitative Introduction to Water Pollution BILINGUAL ENG/SP 19-BL $223.85
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