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Random Chance, Probability

kit #73

Students develop a clear understanding of the principles of probability as they relate to genetics using this unique Lab-Aid. Using red and white plastic extrusions and charts to record the experimental data, students learn that:
♦ The result of a single trial of chance event does not necessarily effect the results of later trials of the same event
♦ The chance that two independent events will occur together is the multiplication of their chances of occurring separately
Application of this lab activity extends to Mendelian laws of genetics. Students first determined random selection probabilities. They simulate gamete production for the PTC gene. Next, the students simulate a male-female gene pairing during fertilization to produce specific traits. Finally, they establish mathematical genetic formulas. All material in this kit, for 30 students, is reusable.


  • Clarify the laws of chance and probability
  • Understand the result of single trails of chance and the effect on later trials of same event
  • Determine random selection probabilities, simulate gamete production and gene pairing to establish mathematical genetic formulas

Content List in Random Chance, Probability is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide
30 Student Data Charts
8 Boxes each containing: 400 red and 400 white plastic extrusions
Number of students
Maximum 30 at the same time
Number of groups
Maximum 8 at the same time

To complete this kit requires one ~50-minute class period.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Random Chance, Probability 73 $185.35
Human Genetics Experiment 7 $51.45
Genetics Concepts 70 $128.70