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Material World (companion book for SEPUP’s Science and Sustainability)


Material World hardcover book, used with Science and Sustainability course. A class set of at least one book per each pair of students is recommended.

NOT INCLUDED with Science and Sustainability Complete Materials Package.


Material World: A Global Family Portrait by Peter Menzel is a companion resource to the Science and Sustainability program. The author spent a week with each of 30 representative families from around the world. He photographed them at work and at play in order to compile this photographic essay of everyday life on earth. In at least one photo from every country, the family is shown with all their worldly possessions displayed around them. These images, together with the comprehensive demographic and other national statistical information about life in each country, provide information that is extremely useful for examining sustainability in the broad sense. Teachers tell us that it is easy to get students to pick up Material World, but hard to get them to put it down!

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MATERIAL WORLD (companion book) SS-1MWB $41.15