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Urinalysis Simulation BILINGUAL ENG/SP


Watch any athletic event on TV and the subject of testing for banned substances will always be discussed in some form of fashion. So how do you teach the basics of urinalysis in the classroom? With this Bilingual English / Spanish kit! Students analyze simulated urine samples to understand the procedures used in urinalysis and the potential applicability of urinalysis as a diagnostic tool. By adding different reagents to urine samples, students observe how each reacts with substances in the urine, providing useful evidence for identifying different substances. Students test simulated urine samples for pH, density, glucose, phosphates and chlorides. Enough reagents are provided for 30 students. A hot plate, Bunsen burner and test tubes are necessary, but not included. In this kit the chemical labeling is in both English and Spanish. It also includes two sets of Student worksheets, one printed in English and one in Spanish.

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Urinalysis Simulation BILINGUAL ENG/SP 4-BL $146.10
Urinalysis Simulation 4 $143.95
Urinalysis Simulation REFRESH-A-KIT 4-RC $92.65