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Soil Organism Study BILINGUAL ENG/SP


With simple, reusable apparatus, student easily extract, collect and study the characteristics of small arthropods in soil samples. This Bilingual English / Spanish Lab-Aid reveals the teeming multitudes of living organisms found in the smallest sample of common, garden-variety soil. This kit also serves as a valuable extension to the Biology and Chemistry of Soil Experiment (LAB-AIDS® No. 32) and the Nematode Study (LAB-AIDS® No. 34). This is a classroom investigation with open-ended activities. Although soil samples are not provided, all materials needed to collect organisms are included in this Lab-Aid. In this kit the chemical labeling is in both English and Spanish. It also includes two sets of Student worksheets, one printed in English and one in Spanish.


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Soil Organism Study BILINGUAL ENG/SP 33-BL $86.85
Soil Organism Study 33 $84.65