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Solid Alcohol & Esterification (Organic Chemistry)

kit #113

In this Lab-Aid, students synthesize chemical substances that are normally found in nature.The four lab activities create a bridge from organic chemical concepts to their practical applications. Students first make their own heating "unit". A solid alcohol is ignited to provide energy for synthesizing three different esters; Ethyl acetate, Methyl salicylate (oil of winter green), and Amyl acetate (banana oil). Students are asked to describe the odor and color of each ester. In the last part of this activity, they create a molecular model of ethyl acetate using LAB-AIDS® molecular model parts. Each student impregnates his worksheet with samples produced (oil of wintergreen and banana oil) from the experiment. Test tube holders are not provided.


  • Synthesize chemical substances (esters) normally found in nature
  • Produce their own heating "unit"
  • Build 3-dimensional model of synthesized ester

Content List in Solid Alcohol & Esterification (Organic Chemistry) is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
50 Student Worksheets and Guides
1 Set of molecular model parts consisting of: 48 carbon atoms, 24 oxygen atoms, 96 hydrogen atoms, and 168 bonds
12 Aluminum sheets
12 Metal pots
12 Test tubes
12 Calibrated tubes
1 Vial of drierite
24 Wood splints
3 Bottles of Ethanol
2 Bottles of Galcial Acetic Acid
2 Bottles of Salicylic Acid
1 Drop control bottle of Calcium Acetate Solution
2 Drop control bottles of Amyl Alcohol
2 Drop control bottles of Dilute Sulfuric Acid
2 Drop control bottles of Methanol
Number of students
Number of groups
Maximum 12 groups per period

To complete the four activities in this kit requires four to six ~50-minute class periods.

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Solid Alcohol & Esterification (Organic Chemistry) 113 $205.95
Solid Alcohol & Esterification (Organic Chemistry) REFRESH-A-KIT 113-RC $102.95