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Thin Layer Chromatography

kit #17

This inexpensive, simple, and very accurate Lab-Aid illustrates the principles of Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC). The lab techniques involve silica-gel coated plastic slides, indicators, developers and chromatography chambers. Each student runs chromatograms of five different sample dye solutions in order to establish Rf (Rate of flow) standards.
They also run chromatograms of two “unknowns," which are identified for the teacher in the instruction booklet.
This approach gives students an opportunity to appreciate the usefulness of TLC. TLC, which is similar and complementary to paper chromatography, can also be employed to determine the purity of a system. This kit is complete for 24 students and can be performed in a single lab period.


  • Develop understanding of thin layer chromatography
  • Establish Rf values to establish standards
  • Use Rf standards to identify “unknowns”

Content List in Thin Layer Chromatography is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
24 Student Worksheets and Guides
4 TLC solvent, Bottle
12 Developing Chambers with caps
72 TLC layers
2 Capillary applicators, Vial
1 Indigo Carmine, Drop control bottle
1 Methyl Blue, Drop control bottle
1 Sudan IV, Drop control bottle
1 Methyl Violet, Drop control bottle
1 Methyl Orange, Drop control bottle
1 Unknown I, Drop control bottle
1 Unknown II, Drop control bottle
Number of Students
Number of Groups
Maximum 12 groups per period.

To complete this kit requires 1 ~50-minute class period.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Thin Layer Chromatography 17 $242.00
Thin Layer Chromatography REFRESH-A-KIT 17-RC $190.50