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Biomedical Engineering | 3rd Edition Revised | Complete Equipment Package


How can engineering be used to improve the lives of those living with medical conditions?

Students develop, design, and optimize models for devices used to improve human health and safety. This unit focuses on the practice of engineers who uses technology, mathematics, and knowledge of biological systems to solve biological or medical problems.

Core Science Content: Bioengineering, engineering design process, prototypes, prosthesis, technology

PE Assessment Example: There are two major types of artificial heart valves on the market. The first is a mechanical valve made of titanium and carbon, and the second is a bioprosthetic valve made of animal valve tissue. If the cost was about the same, which device is more appropriate for a. a healthy grandparent?, b. a young person? Explain what evidence you think is most important and what trade-offs you are willing to accept.

ETS1-1, ETS1-2, ETS1-3, ETS1-4


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COMPLETE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE: all materials for up to 5 classes of 32 students, mobile storage cart, and Online Portal License for 7 years/1 teacher. Does not include printed TE/TR or Online Student Licenses SMS-BIO-3000 $1,468.10