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Body Systems Complete Equipment Package


How do we know if a medicine is safe and effective?

Students investigate questions about how systems in their bodies work together and what happens if one of those systems isn’t working properly. They also develop and use models to describe how their bodies turn food into energy that their bodies can use.

Core Science Content: Body system structures and functions, system interactions, medicines and body systems, human health, clinical trials, matter and energy, nutrients, stimuli, digestion (systems include: circulatory, digestive, nervous, and respiratory)

PE Assessment Example: Imagine you just dipped your foot into a swimming pool. You expected the pool to be warm, but it was ice cold! Which of your body systems help you gather and synthesize information to react to this situation? Explain the cause and effect sequence that leads to your reaction.

LS1-3, LS1-8, LS1-7


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Complete Materials Package
(materials for up to 5 classes of 32 students, mobile storage cart, Online Portal for one teacher includes online subscription to Teacher Edition and Resources, Student Book in English/Spanish (E/S), student sheets (E/S), visual aids (E/S), PowerPoints, online assessment system, LABsent, and supplemental resources)
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