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CASE Environmental Science Issues (ESI) Materials


These materials support the Environmental Science Issues (ESI) course by CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education). The quantities suggested provide enough material for 20 students. This is the Lab-Aids equipment as specified by CASE.

Environmental Science Issues is a specialization course in the CASE Program of Study. Students will complete hands-on activities, projects, and problems that simulate actual concepts and situations found in the environmental science field, allowing students to build content knowledge and technical skills. Students will investigate areas of environmental science including ecosystem management, sustainable agriculture, energy choices, and pollution.

Students will maintain a research level Laboratory Notebook throughout the course documenting their research and laboratory experiences. Issue analysis and experimental design will be highlighted as students develop and conduct environmental investigations. In addition, students will explore connections between the Environmental Science Issues lessons, Supervised Agricultural Experience, and FFA components that are important for the development of an informed agricultural education student. Students will investigate, experiment, and learn about documenting a project, solving problems, and communicating solutions to their peers and members of the professional community.

Lab-Aids materials needed for this course are:

10 alcohol lamps

 2  packages of graduated cups (16/pkg)

 2  240 mL bottles of ethanol

 1  500 cc bottle of clay

CASE curriculum and laboratory instructions are NOT included in this kit and are only available through course certification at a CASE Institute.

Content List in CASE Environmental Science Issues (ESI) Materials is as follows:

Title Item # Price Quantity
CASE Environmental Science Issues (ESI) Materials
Alcohol Lamps 60 mL BU-008 $9.10
Graduated cup, 30 mL, 16/pkg TW-GCX16 $6.45
Ethanol, denatured, 240 mL 39S-B01 $14.65
Clay, 500 cc FV-1-46E $23.05