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Chemistry of Materials | 3rd Edition Revised | Complete Equipment Package


What are the environmental impacts of producing, using, and disposing of materials?

Students develop and use models to describe the composition of different materials and how those materials respond under various conditions. They gather and make sense of information about where those materials come from and how scientists and engineers decide which material is best for making a product.

Core Science Content: Physical and chemical properties of substances, elements and compounds, chemical reactions, chemistry of materials, states of matter, particle movement, thermal and kinetic energy

PE Assessment Example: Develop a model that depicts water molecules in all three states—solid, liquid, and gas—and the relationship between these states. Your model should include the following: particle motion in each state, how particles interact within each state, the cause-and-effect relationship between addition or removal of thermal energy, particle movement, and state changes. Hint: Think about the models you created in the last two activities and how you can add any new ideas from this activity to your models.

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COMPLETE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE: all materials for up to 5 classes of 32 students, mobile storage cart, and Online Portal License for 7 years/1 teacher. Does not include printed TE/TR or Online Student Licenses SMS-MAT-3000 $2,464.00 $2,464.00