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EDC Earth Science Teacher Edition Printed Copy and DVD


The print Teacher Edition is your starting point for EDC Earth Science and your daily road map for instruction. It is provided in a 3-ring binder to make it easy to insert notes as needed. Please use the teacher edition as you plan for and teach the curriculum. All the essentials of your lesson plans are available in each of the chapters. You will find:

Step-by-step information about the teaching sequence and ways to facilitate the challenges, readings, and class discussions.

An overview, learning goals, assessment outcomes and strategies, and discussion of students’ misconceptions and possible barriers to understanding.

A list of materials, advance preparation information

Detailed teaching suggestions for presenting the material to students

Assessment items

The DVD includes pdfs of the Student Book and Teacher Edition plus a full suite of ancillary teaching resources which are not included in the print Teacher Edition. These include slide presentations to go with each chapter, supplemental readings, student sheets, literacy supplements (such as anticipation guides) for readings, and links to real-time data, online animations, and other supplemental information,.


Title Item # Price Quantity
TEACHER EDITION (printed copy and DVD) EDCE-1TE $225.00