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Energy | 3rd Edition Revised | Complete Equipment Package


How can people manipulate energy transfer and transformation to use energy more efficiently?

Students learn about the transfer and transformation of energy in their everyday lives. They plan and carry out investigations and analyze and interpret data from experiments to investigate how energy is transferred and transformed. They also engage in engineering challenges to design and test devices to maximize and minimize energy transfer.

Core Science Content: Energy transfer and transformations, types of energy (kinetic, potential, thermal, light), energy efficiency, conservation of energy

PE Assessment Example: Design, test, evaluate, and redesign a solar oven that maximizes thermal energy transfer.

PS3-3, PS3-4, PS3-5, MS-ETS1-4


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COMPLETE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE: all materials for up to 5 classes of 32 students, mobile storage cart, and Online Portal License for 7 years/1 teacher. Does not include printed TE/TR or Online Student Licenses SMS-ENE-3000 $2,052.75