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Geological Processes | 3rd Edition Revised | Complete Equipment Package


Where should we store our nuclear waste?

Students learn about both gradual and sudden changes to the Earth’s surface, what causes them, and how they are monitored. They also explore how different kinds of rocks are formed and learn about some natural resources, where we find them, and how we use them.

Core Science Content: Earth’s history, earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, mountain building, continental drift, natural resources

PE Assessment Example: Would you select one of the four suggested sites for storing nuclear waste? Explain. Use evidence from this unit to support your decision and identify any trade-offs.

ESS2-1, ESS2-2, ESS2-3, ESS3-1, ESS3-2


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COMPLETE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE: all materials for up to 5 classes of 32 students, mobile storage cart, and Online Portal License for 7 years/1 teacher. Does not include printed TE/TR or Online Student Licenses SMS-GEO-3000 $2,792.60