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Hands-On@Home | Chemistry of Materials Deluxe Package

kit #SMS-MAT-3HD

Hands-on@Home material sets for individual student use, at home or in a distanced classroom

Lab-Aids is known for providing organized, innovative labs and investigations for middle and high school classrooms. Now, safe and age appropriate materials from Issues and Science, Third Edition, have been neatly packaged by unit for the individual student. Hands-on@Home allows students to continue doing select hands-on investigations in a virtual or hybrid setting and is designed for easy distribution. Materials are pre-packaged and clearly labeled - no additional time needed to find and sort materials!

At home, students can do the investigations independently, or along with their teacher and classmates online. In a distanced classroom, material sets allow investigations to take place without sharing or to reduce the cleaning burden between each class.

Hands-on@Home | Chemistry of Materials is available in two different packages:

Activity 2 Investigating Elements
Activity 6 Modeling Molecules
Activity 8 What's in a State?
Activity 12 Modeling Polymers

Deluxe: (includes Basic plus)
Activity 11 Making Polymers

Minimum purchase of 24 Materials Sets required. Mix and match from any of the 17 units
Material sets do not include instructions from Issues and Science, Third Edition and assumes students are already receiving this content from their instructor through the Lab-Aids portal, Student Book, or some other digital method provided by the school.


Content List in Hands-On@Home | Chemistry of Materials Deluxe Package is as follows: