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A Natural Approach to Chemistry Core Materials Package for One Group of Students


A package of all the non-general supply lab equipment needed for one group of students to perform the investigations in the A Natural Approach to Chemistry Laboratory Investigations Manual.


The following instructional strategies are incorporated in A Natural Approach To Chemistry:
♦ The "five-E" model (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) is the underlying pedagogical foundation
♦ Concepts progress from hands-on observation in the lab (engage, explore), to conceptual understanding of what happened (explain, elaborate), and finally to rigorous quantitative analysis (evaluate)
♦ Each chapter starts with an "A" lab designed to engage the student in the content before teaching the chapter
♦ Several "B" labs develop depth and strength understanding of key ideas
♦ All content is introduced in a context that is relevant to student's lives. Each chapter concludes with a "connection" that shows how the concepts of the chapter are applied in a real-world context

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CORE MATERIALS PACKAGE for ONE STUDENT GROUP (includes Lab-Master System) NAC-M01 $967.95