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CASE Principles of Agricultural Science - Plant (ASP) Materials Package


This materials package supports The Principles of Agricultural Science – Plant™ course was developed by CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education) and is one of the five foundational courses within the CASE™ sequence. The course is structured to enable all students to have a variety of experiences that will provide an overview of the field of agricultural science with a foundation in plant science so that students may continue through a sequence of courses through high school. Students will work in teams, exploring hands-on projects and activities, to learn the characteristics of plant science and work on major projects and problems similar to those that plant science specialists, such as horticulturalists, agronomists, greenhouse and nursery mangers and producers, and plant research specialists face in their respective careers. The materials package includes enough material for 20 students. This is the LAB-AIDS equipment as specified by CASE.

CASE curriculum and laboratory instructions are NOT included in this kit and are only available through course certification at a CASE Institute.


Content List in CASE Principles of Agricultural Science - Plant (ASP) Materials Package is as follows:

Title Item # Price Quantity
CASE Principles of Agricultural Science - Plant (ASP) Materials Package CASE-M001B $1,417.50
Grass Seed, vial 63-1EA $7.30
Petrolatum, vial 63-3EA $5.30
Microscope Slides, glass, pk/30 GS-004 $5.95
Coverslips, glass, 100 pk GS-007 $5.20
Corn Syrup, 50%, 60 mL, drop control btl HC-2B08E $8.60
Collection Containers w/ Covers IAPS-B19 $4.90
Magnifier, 4X magnification MA-001 $2.05
Nematode Extractor Funnel, Lab-Aids© "Signature" Item NE-002B $4.90
Lugol's Iodine Solution, 20 mL Bottle, Pk/3, With Droppers SGI-P008 $28.30
Profile Tube Cap, pk/8 SS-1P44E $5.60
Profile Tube With Hole In Bottom, 1.25" X 10" X 0.020" TUBE0013 $3.70
Forceps (tweezers), plastic TW-001 $1.20
Sand, 500 cc WD-2B06E $20.95
Gravel, 500 cc WH-1-10E $23.05
Methylene Blue Stain - 7 mL, drop control btl 160-1EA $8.85
Lima Bean Seed - 25 pack 160-BX25 $10.45
Hay, Bunch 160-HXBU $7.30
Peppercorns - 75 pack 160-PX75 $2.35
Membranes, Semi-perneable - 12 pack 22-MBX12 $15.70
Glucose Testing Strips - 40 pack 22-TSX40 $24.85
Dilute Alcohol - 30 mL, dIspensing tip btl 33-1EA $6.50
Wire Discs, 2 5/16\" DIA - 10 pack 33-WDX10 $14.95
Differential Stain - 7mL, drop control btl 61-1EA $6.50
Monocot cross sections vial 61-2EA $73.45
Dicot cross sections vial 61-3EA $73.45
Macerated Stem Tissue Vial 61-4EA $26.20
Glycerine - 7mL, drop control btl 61-5EA $6.50
Toothpicks, green - 30 pack 62-GTX30 $3.70
Balanced Salt Solution - 7 mL, drop control btl 63-2EA $6.50
Starch Suspension - 7 mL, drop control btl 65-2EA $6.50
Diastase solution - 7 mL, drop control btl 65-3EA $10.45
Brushes (tissue transfer) - 15 pack 9-BRX15 $7.30
Macerating Blades - 30 pack 9-MBX30 $7.30
Glucose Solution, 5% - 30mL CASE-B002 $7.30
Sucrose Solution, 5% - 30 mL CASE-B005 $4.90
Solution A - 30 mL, dispensing tip btl CASE-B006 $6.75
Solution B - 30 mL, dispensing tip btl CASE-B007 $6.75
Liquid Starch - 60 mL, dispensing tip btl CASE-B009 $8.35
Pure Sand (fine), 500cc CASE-B013 $23.05
Germinating Paper - 4 pack CASE-P001 $2.55
Nematode Extractor Tripod Stand NE-002C $1.20
Corn Seed Packet SEED05A $2.40
Droppers, plastic, Pk/16 SP-DX16E $7.30
Lab-Aids© A/B Tray V-ABTRAY $1.85
Transparent Infusion Chamber 160-ICX1 $2.05
Bleach Solution, 10% - 60 mL, drop control btl CASE-B001 $6.30
Go-Get-It Notecards, Plant Subjects CASE-L001A $7.40
Go-Get-It Notecards, Plant Placecards CASE-L001B $12.35
Aceto-Orcein Stain, 7 mL, drop control btl CASE-B017 $6.50
Root Tips, vial CASE-B018 $73.45
Graduated cup, 30 mL, 16/pkg TW-GCX16 $6.45
CASE Principles of Agricultural Science - Plant (ASP) Bulk Refill Package CASE-M001B-BK $939.75
Plant - Exploring Career Card Set CASE-L007 $8.60