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Science and Global Issues: Biology, Second Edition Student Book


The student book uses a variety of approaches to make science accessible for all students. Each activity in the student book is designed to support concept and skill development. The various types of activities include: Laboratories, Investigations, Modeling, Readings, Talk It Over, and Projects. Through inquiry-based, hands-on experiences students connect basic biological concepts with relevant, real-world sustainability issues. Woven throughout the student book are integrated literacy strategies that help students process new science content, develop their analytical skills, make connections, and express their knowledge both orally and in writing. The embedded assessment system helps teachers identify students' strengths and weaknesses throughout the course. This provides valuable information about when lessons might need to be adjusted so that all students get the best chance to build their knowledge and appreciation of science. A comprehensive appendix provides additional student resources. An online version of the student book is available which allows students to access content from home. Individual student and classroom licenses are available.


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STUDENT BOOK (hardcover) SGI-B2SB $99.95 $99.95