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Science and Sustainability, Revised Edition Complete Equipment Package for 16 Students per class


Help your high school students understand that science is not only a part of their everyday lives, but that the decisions they make play a role in their local communities. The Science and Sustainability (S&S), Revised Edition is a full-year course that uses themes and activities related to local and global sustainability to present key concepts from the life, earth, chemical, and physical sciences.

Sustainability refers to the ability of populations of living organisms to continue, or sustain, a healthy existence in a healthy environment “forever.” The scientific topics included in this course were chosen because they relate to sustainable development - that is, the use of environmental resources in a responsible way to ensure that they will continue to be available for use by future generations. Students learn to analyze risks, assess trade-offs, make decisions using scientific data, and apply scientific concepts to real world situations. Early activities provide a foundation for later work. Learning is cumulative and encourages student independence.

Small class sizes for 5 sections of 16 students might consider our Complete Materials Package for 16 Students per class. The Complete Materials Package for 16 Students per Class includes all materials for up to 5 classes of 16 students, mobile storage cart, and Online Teacher Portal access for 7 years, which includes online access to the Teacher Edition and Student Book.


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Complete Equipment Package, for 16 students per class SS-R1H-1000 $4,687.08 $4,687.08