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Science & Global Issues: Biology, 2nd Edition Complete Materials Package, 5 Classes of 16 Students


The Complete Materials Package for 16 Students for 5 Classes includes the same items as the Complete Materials Package, but onlyabout half as many items to support smaller class sizes and 80 total students. Material is packaged in boxes instead of drawers. Does not include the cart system. The drawer packages are visual guides only and will include approximately half of the pictured materials.


This package includes most of the items needed for all the activities in the Student Edition, which for a year-long course, amounts to hundreds of unique items. Traditional laboratory-style classrooms are not necessary and many of the materials are specifically designed to support student success and are not available elsewhere. A typical materials package contains enough non-consumable items for a class of 16 students working in pairs or groups of four and supplies consumable items for five classes of 16 students (80 total students.) All materials packages are designed with teachers, students and environmental considerations in mind. Exclusive to SEPUP programs are drawer-style boxes with molded tray liners that keep everything in place and easy to locate – even in a hurry. This package also includes the Teacher's Edition and Teacher Resources DVD, My LAB-AIDS bookshelf access for one teacher for 7 years, which includes: ExamView, Teacher’s Edition, Student Book, and supplemental resources. It’s important to note that materials are consumed at various rates and therefore it will not be necessary to replace all consumable items every year. LAB-AIDS provides line-item and complete drawer refill options. The Creating Genetically Modified Bacteria Activity & Electrophoresis Apparatus used in the Genetics Unit are not included in this package, but are sold separately.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Small class sizes might consider our COMPLETE MATERIALS PACKAGE for 5 CLASSES of 16 STUDENTS SGI-BH2000 $7,339.50