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Waves | 3rd Edition Revised | Complete Equipment Package


How are waves both helpful and harmful?

Students encounter a variety of technologies that make use of waves. They also investigate the harmful effects of certain waves and methods to mitigate the risks associated with these waves.

Core Science Content: Types of waves, wave properties, electromagnetic radiation, applications of waves, comparison of analog and digital transmission and storage capabilities

PE Assessment Example: Use what you learned from your hands-on investigation to explain why noise is more of a problem for analog vs digital signals, and why digital signals are more reliable to encode and transmit information.

PS4-1, PS4-2, PS4-3


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COMPLETE EQUIPMENT PACKAGE: all materials for up to 5 classes of 32 students, mobile storage cart, and Online Portal License for 7 years/1 teacher. Does not include printed TE/TR or Online Student Licenses SMS-WAV-3000 $3,464.95