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Professional Development

To teach is to make a life long commitment to learning--for our students and for ourselves. Teachers must work hard to stay abreast of new science content and pedagogy, which is why most states typically require ongoing professional development for re-certification every five years. LAB-AIDSĀ® can help teachers acquire new content and skills, whether you are a veteran teacher, new to the profession, or somewhere in between.


And our clients include a diverse array of school districts and institutions of higher learning, including the following:

  • Chicago Public Schools
  • Baltimore Public Schools
  • Los Angeles Unified School District
  • Charleston (South Carolina) Public Schools
  • Scottsdale (Arizona) Public Schools
  • Northern Burlington (New Jersey) Public Schools
  • Loyola University of Chicago
  • Memphis City Schools
  • Horry County (SC) Schools
  • Carver Public Schools (MA)

These are a sampling of what teachers and administrators have been saying about us.  Comments have been edited for space.


"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, enthusiasm and experience with us today. I walked away from today feeling at ease knowing my teachers will be well-prepared to start the year off on a strong foot. And even though I have taught some SEPUP units already myself, I definitely learned several new things that will improve what I do and help me to better lead my department this year. I appreciate all your work and time into doing your job well.

Looking forward to working with you again sometime."

Michelle Littleton
Carver Public Schools
Carver, MA

"...The professional development provided by the LAB-AIDS team has been first rate.  They began by helping us to prioritize our needs and develop a long-term plan for staff development that could grow and change as our teachers grew.  Their knowledgeable staff helped us to adapt LAB-AIDS curriculums to our state standards while maintaining the fidelity of the story line.  This was vital to the success of the program.   The trainers were experienced and knowledgeable, not only about the exemplary LAB-AIDS curriculums, but also in science content and the challenges of teaching middle grade students.  The trainers were experts in adult learning strategies.  Even those teachers who were reluctant to participate left feeling that the time was well spent.  The Lab-AIDS staff has met all of our staff development needs. (even some we didn’t know that we had!)..."

Martha C. Fout
Science Learning Specialist
Horry County (SC) Schools

From ongoing professional development efforts in the Chicago Public Schools:

"Since 2003, SEPUP trainers from Lab-Aids have provided very high quality and well-received professional development for hundreds of middle school science teachers throughout Chicago Public Schools.  They have worked closely with us to develop and coach a cadre of CPS science teachers who serve as district-wide professional development leaders, enhancing our capacity to sustain effective implementation of SEPUP programs, and we value their expert guidance."

Wendy M. Jackson, Ph.D., 6-8 Science Team Lead

"I am happily teaching IAPS to students who haven't had much (if any) science.  The first week the kids took home the 'What is Hazardous at Home' student sheet and the Household Hazardous Materials Table for homework.  The kids really enjoyed the activity and must have shared it with their families.  Two parents stopped in since to say how surprised they were when they actually looked at these products.  They wanted more information on how to learn about these products.  Several of my students did some Internet research to answer questions for the parents and extend everyone's learning.  It was a great way to have an early in the school year positive interaction with families around science.  We also interjected some great fun in Studying Materials Scientifically by wearing hazmat suits (ordered from a supply house on-line at the clearance price of $2...authentic with booties, Velcro, hood etc.) We used them during the unknown barrel separation activity.  8th graders wore them to lunch one day and the place went wild!  Again, parents and teachers had to stop in and see what we were doing in that science room!  We are off to a great start at Prescott School, and this unit is fantastic for kids, teachers AND the community."

-- Kathy Eggert, Chicago Teacher and Local Teacher Trainer

From professional development provided to Memphis (TN) teachers, summer 2009:

"...Comments from teachers were quite similar. All of them agreed that training and the Investigating Food Safety teacher's guide provided what they needed to plan and to implement the program. They are excited that the kits are theirs. Most have plans to use them during the first weeks of schools, in after-school clubs, or after the state testing in the spring. Most wanted to know if the program would continue into next year and next summer...We could not have done it without you. Your assistance was greatly appreciated, both in the planning and the training. I hope to be able to call on you again as we continue planning for the coming academic year..."

-- Shirley A. Cox, Science Specialist, Memphis City Schools

Comments from the SEPUP ACADEMY programs:

"Background info about the history and development was very interesting. Staff was excellent, friendly and knowledgeable, and interested in my questions. The sessions were informative and pacing was well thought out."

-- Stephanie Finn, Buffalo NY, 2007 ACADEMY participant

"The SEPUP Academy was a great experience. By collaborating with other SEPUP colleagues, I gained a better understanding of how to integrate SEPUP into my classroom. More importantly, working with classroom teachers helped me to improve my training techniques. By talking to teachers in the Academy workshops, I gained valuable insight as to what teachers need from training sessions. I really enjoyed it!"

-- Donna Parker, Columbus OH, 2009 ACADEMY participant

"...Thanks for a wonderful program...I am excited about next year and accomplishing even more with the lab-aids Issues and Earth Science.... The icing on an already wonderful year was that I had the highest science scores in the school...One last thing, several of my students nominated me for a local award through a TV station called "My Teacher is Tops".  And yes I totally attribute the nomination to the SEPUP kit!  The students said I made science fun and exciting, but it was LAB-AIDS all the way!!"

-- Kelly Roche, Macon GA, SEPUP Teacher and 2009 ACADEMY participant

"You have provided us a beautiful learning space and have been generous in anticipating our needs.  Your program is rigorous, there is so much that we've been exposed to and you've modeled for us...You have also made time for enjoyable experiences and making human connections."

-- Kazimeira Dewese, LaGrange Park, IL

"Excellent!  Above and beyond!  Magnificent Location, awesome people to work with...comfortable atmosphere to share thoughts and concerns as well as achievement."

-- Cathy DiBennedetto, Milford, DE

"I have never been treated so well...I really felt I got a lot of great ideas to take my [own] workshops from good to outstanding..."

-- Tina Tetzlaff-Wallis, New Washington, IN

Comments from the Natural Approach to Chemistry workshops

"...Enjoyed the staff and the pacing.  Time was well-managed, but there was plenty of time for questions and discussions about the topics..."

"...Tom Hsu is inspirational and his teaching stories give me something to aspire to..."

"...All sessions were excellent...but the atom building game (link to description) will help students understand difficult concepts..."

"...the reaction kinetics and pH labs would allow for their use at all levels, from chem to pre-AP chem, to AP-chem.  I particularly see great extensions for the use of RGB to determine solution pH..."

"...Nice pacing and flow...I was so engaged that when it was time for lunch, I kept saying to myself, ‘really?' I am usually in ‘ADD' mode in workshops like this and become bored instantly...NOT SO (emphasis original) in this one..."

"...I enjoyed the spectrophotometry.  Equipment is very easy to use and to set up.  It is good to know that we can now do good science in a regular room, not just a lab room..."

"...The specific heat is the simplest method I have ever seen.  Why didn't I think of that!  Easy way to prove the conservation of energy..."

"...Wonderful!  I cannot wait to start teaching.  The specific heat and Beer's Law are hard labs to understand, but they made them seem simple..."

"...Very well-structured.  Tom was able to balance his personal experience, philosophy of teaching, theory, practice, to give a rewarding learning experience..."

"...Everyone involved in the logistics of the program were friendly and helpful..."

"...Awesome—we were constantly doing something.  Time was not allowed for boredom to set in.  The staff was well-informed and willing to answer questions, especially on application of ideas to different situations..."

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