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Professional Development

To teach is to make a life long commitment to learning--for our students and for ourselves. Teachers must work hard to stay abreast of new science content and pedagogy, which is why most states typically require ongoing professional development for re-certification every five years. LAB-AIDSĀ® can help teachers acquire new content and skills, whether you are a veteran teacher, new to the profession, or somewhere in between.

Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development

Looking for a new fourth grade unit to plug gaps in your science curriculum, or for a hands-on unit for the eight grade earth science class? Perhaps you're seeking a new high school unit to address new state performance objectives in biology or environmental science? LAB-AIDS can help.

Our consultants are experienced curriculum writers - with strong science and classroom backgrounds - and with extensive experience working on projects funded by the National Science Foundation and others. Their work is used by hundreds of thousands of students across the country today. The LAB-AIDS Institute can assist you in clarifying the nature and scope of your ideas and your project, even if those ideas and projects are "under development" at the moment.

Our Applied Science Concepts Modules can be adapted for local use in districts or states that want to use certain units to accomplish local curriculum goals.  For example, activities that address key concepts in the physics of how light interacts with matter—color and spectrum, reflection and refraction—were taken from different units, along with key assessment items and content standards, to produce the California Light Module.  Designed for use to address key 7th grade science content, this unit is in use in key California school districts.

The Los Angeles Core Chemistry Labs project was a collaboration with the LAUSD Secondary Science Office.  Local teachers developed outlines for a series of ten core labs to be completed by all chemistry students at the high school level.  Using these outlines, LAB-AIDS developed a comprehensive equipment list, re-wrote and copy-edited the manuscript, secured an external safety and scientific review, field-tested the labs—providing helpful input from local teachers and their students—and finally, provided design and layout services to complete the project, which was then distributed across the 850,000-student District.

Click here for a sample of the Teacher’s Guide for this project

Whether your curriculum needs are large or small, LAB-AIDS can help!