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Professional Development

To teach is to make a life long commitment to learning--for our students and for ourselves. Teachers must work hard to stay abreast of new science content and pedagogy, which is why most states typically require ongoing professional development for re-certification every five years. LAB-AIDSĀ® can help teachers acquire new content and skills, whether you are a veteran teacher, new to the profession, or somewhere in between.

Curriculum Workshops


The LAB-AIDS Institute is the home for all professional development at the company.  We offer comprehensive support for all of our programs for new teachers as well as advanced training for those in later stages of implementation.  We also offer a variety of workshops on current topics in science education that are suitable for all teachers, whether you use our programs or not.  Whether you access our convenient online professional development, or arrange for an in-person, on-site experience, we are with you every step of the way!  Our certified workshop leaders are current or former classroom teachers and college faculty, and all are experienced, effective workshop leaders.

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