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NYC Science Initiative

New York City Science initiative

Thank you for visiting our website which was designed to support the New York City Science Initiative. We are very excited about participating in the initiative and want to do everything possible to ensure a successful implementation of our SEPUP product line in the New York City Public Schools.

New York City Correlations



SEPUP works. In our pre-service science teacher training program at Buffalo State College, we use SEPUP activities to show students how science should be taught: in an interactive, inquiry-oriented manner which stresses active student involvement. In my visits to many middle school classrooms over the years, I have also seen how SEPUP can adapt to a variety of teaching styles and modes of classroom management. The extensive national field-testing of all SEPUP courses and modules builds validity and reliability into the final product."

Dr. Robert E. Horvat,
Professor Emeritus
Buffalo State College
Buffalo, NY


"Science and Sustainability has changed the way I teach - students no longer ask, "when will I ever use this?' because they see the direct connection between science and their world."

Donna Parker, Teacher
Oak Hill (OH) High School