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New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum


SEPUP Core Curriculum from LAB-AIDS is designed to turn your students into active learning participants who possess a continual thirst for answers. SEPUP's approach is based on the beliefs that understanding the interaction between science, technology and the environment is imperative to an informed society. SEPUP also stresses that decisions should be based on science and discovery rather than mere words.

With the SEPUP Curriculum Programs, students are encouraged to question why things are and how sci- ence plays a specific role in their immediate world. What's more, students are continually engaged in the learning process, utilizing guided scientific inquiry to build on ideas. Essentially, your students are prompt- ed to dig deeper for knowledge and to take that knowledge further.

New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum


By incorporating the SEPUP Core Curriculum into your science program, you can change and enhance the way your students learn science - broadening their abilities to comprehend and retain information through an issue-oriented, inquiry approach that makes content more accessible to students of all ability levels.

Now, with the adoption of SEPUP Curriculum by the New York City Department of Education, this exciting teaching approach can be a vital part of your science classroom.

New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
  • Set up your classroom
  • Conduct activities
  • Manage practical details
  • Facilitate student learning
  • See the development of concepts within the “big picture”
  • Develop student understanding of science content not explicitly mentioned in the student text

Use of the SEPUP student book and Teacher’s Guide fully support the teaching and learning of rigorous, age-appropriate science content. It’s like having your own personal training workshop in a binder. Many teachers tell us they can’t imagine teaching without it.

New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
New York City SEPUP Core Curriculum
Complete Material Packages (Carts not included)

Material Packages

1. Units feature 4-color, soft cover student texts.

2. Drawer contents are listed for every drawer.

3. Color-coded labels are used on all chemicals. The labels help to eliminate confusion by clearly differentiating similar solutions.

4. Specially designed “Signature Items” like the Rock Cycle Activity are unique to the SEPUP Program.

5. Plastic tray inserts help keep materials organized. This feature makes it easy to identify missing components and greatly reduces the time it takes to distribute, collect and store materials.

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SEPUP works. In our pre-service science teacher training program at Buffalo State College, we use SEPUP activities to show students how science should be taught: in an interactive, inquiry-oriented manner which stresses active student involvement. In my visits to many middle school classrooms over the years, I have also seen how SEPUP can adapt to a variety of teaching styles and modes of classroom management. The extensive national field-testing of all SEPUP courses and modules builds validity and reliability into the final product."

Dr. Robert E. Horvat,
Professor Emeritus
Buffalo State College
Buffalo, NY


"Science and Sustainability has changed the way I teach - students no longer ask, "when will I ever use this?' because they see the direct connection between science and their world."

Donna Parker, Teacher
Oak Hill (OH) High School