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DNA Modeling: Molecular Structure & Replication

kit #71

This basic introduction to the double helix model of DNA uses simple components developed exclusively by LAB-AIDS®:
♦ Double nitrogen pyrimidine bases are constructed proportionately larger in diameter than the single nitrogen purine bases
♦ Bases are linked by a unique hydrogen bond
♦ The deoxyribose sugar is pentagon-shaped representing its actual molecular structure.

Twelve eight-rung models can be constructed with each kit or attach individual models together to form a giant double helix model that will be more than nine feet long!

Includes 36 student worksheets, a Teacher's Guide, and twelve packets of color-coded components. Additional sets of molecular model components are available as ADD A GROUP item # 71EL.


  • Build a segment of the DNA molecule and see what a double helix is like
  • Model can be "unzipped" allowing for replication of DNA segment

Content List in DNA Modeling: Molecular Structure & Replication is as follows:

Quantity Description
12 Color-coded components packets containing:
16 Deoxyribose-sugar groups - black linkage
16 Phosphate groups - white tubes
8 Nitrogen (purine) bases: 4 Adenine (A) - orange tubes, 4 Guanine (G) - yellow tubes
8 Nitrogen (pyrimidine) bases: 4 Cytosine (C) - blue tubes, 4 Thymine (T) - green tubes
8 Hydrogen bonds - opaque rods
36 Student Worksheets and Guides
1 Teacher’s Guide
Number of students
Number of groups
Maximum 12 groups per period

To complete this kit requires one ~50-minute class period

Title Item # Price Quantity
DNA Modeling: Molecular Structure & Replication 71 $114.00
DNA and its Replication: Advanced Molecular Model 71-A $127.00
ADD A GROUP for Lab-Aids DNA Modeling Kit #71 (and 71-BL, 71-A, 71-513) 71EL $11.30