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Chemiluminescence: Teacher Demonstration

kit #701

Engage and entertain your students with this chemiluminescence demonstration. You or your students prepare two stock solutions from the materials provided in this Lab-Aid. When the solutions are poured into the tubes, energy is released as a luminescent blue color. The color lasts for several minutes. Students are introduced to an oxidation-reduction reaction as well as reaction rates in this unique chemical to light energy change. Enough pre-weighed chemicals and solutions are included to perform this demonstration 18 times. This allows you to compare the effects of temperature on the energy change (the amount of light produced). Beakers, graduated cylinders, a funnel and stirrers are necessary for this demonstration but are not included.


  • Demonstrate oxidation-reduction reaction
  • Observe rates of reaction, ratios of chemicals used and effects of temperature on chemiluminescence
  • Explain chemistry of nature

Content List in Chemiluminescence: Teacher Demonstration is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
2 Luminol activator solution, bottle
3 Profile tubes, clear
3 Profile tubes, basic
3 Reagent A (containing Luminol), pre-measured, vials
Number of students
18 class demonstrations

Sufficient chemicals for 18 demonstrations.

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Chemiluminescence: Teacher Demonstration 701 $80.30
Chemiluminescence: Student Activity 701A $236.85
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