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Copper Mining and Extraction (Developed by SEPUP)

kit #440S

Copper and other raw materials contribute to our technological lifestyle, but the by-products of extracting copper from ore are potential toxic wastes. In this activity, students explore the properties of copper and copper ore. They conduct two reactions used to extract and recover copper from the ore.
This process introduces single and double replacement reactions. Student also consider the wastes produced by the extraction process.


  • Chemical reactions are used to extract and recover copper from ore
  • Chemicals such as copper and its compounds react in characteristic ways to form new substances with different properties
  • Natural resources, such as copper, are used to maintain and improve quality of life
  • The by-products of ore processing can become potentially toxic wastes
  • Decisions involving resource use should be made with an understanding of the trade-offs involved

Content List in Copper Mining and Extraction (Developed by SEPUP) is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide with MSDS
32 Student Worksheets and Guides
1 Malachite, piece
1 Crushed malachite ore, container
1 White scoop
8 Sulfuric acid, 1M bottle
8 3.25 oz. cups
16 AB trays, LAB-AIDS®
16 Filter funnels
8 Filter paper circles, coarse
16 Cups , 30-mL, graduated
24 Stir sticks
1 Iron powder, container
16 Droppers
16 Filter paper circles, Fine
Recommended number of students
32 maximum per class
Number of groups
8 groups per class
Number of classes
1 (with 8 groups of students)

To complete the two activities in this kit requires two to three ~50-minute class periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Copper Mining and Extraction 440S $154.45
Copper Mining and Extraction REFRESH-A-KIT 440S-RC $61.75