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Force and Motion

module #P210

Our Force and Motion module, designed by professors at the University of Kentucky, provides concrete experiences and an inquiry-based route to learning about Newton’s laws of motion. This module’s activities are designed to build understanding of these concepts in a logical sequence, while not introducing too many concepts at once.

Over the course of this module’s nine activities students learn to:

• Accurately measure time intervals and force as they exam­ine Newton’s Third Law.
• Students design a procedure to investigate the mo­tion of a ball and Newton’s First Law.
• Create velocity/distance vs. time graphs
• Use a simple accelerometer to investigate acceleration, including orbiting systems, an application of Newton’s Second Law.

Accommodates unlimited classes, each with 8 groups of four students.


This module was written and designed by professors at the University of Kentucky.

  • Relationships between force and motion are described by Newton’s laws.
  • Force, velocity, and acceleration can be measured and are related.
  • Newton’s laws can be applied to orbiting systems.

Content List in Force and Motion is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide with CD and reproducible student pages
400 Paper clips
24 LAB-AIDS® tracks, V-groove
24 LAB-AIDS® flexible plastic walls
16 Balls, large metal, 3/4"
16 Balls, small metal, 5/8"
10 LAB-AIDS® Spring (force) scales, 0-2.5 newton
10 Sheets of Arrow labels, 60/sheet
8 LAB-AIDS® wooden carts
8 LAB-AIDS® tripods, labeled "A"
8 LAB-AIDS® height markers, labeled "B"
8 LAB-AIDS® support bars, labeled "C"
8 LAB-AIDS® double ramp connector, labeled "D"
8 LAB-AIDS® ramp boxes, labeled “E”
8 LAB-AIDS® ramp connectors, labeled "F"
8 LAB-AIDS® metal posts with threads
8 MyChron® timers
8 Bubble levels on plastic base
8 Measuring tapes, 150cm
8 Half-meter sticks
8 2-newton (200g) weight, hooked
8 Bags with hanging tabs
8 Rolls of masking tape
1 Bottle of oil for force scale
Number of students
8 small groups per period

To complete the 9 activities in this module requires eleven to eighteen ~50-minute class periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Force and Motion P210 $847.55
Force and Motion Teachers Guide P210-PM $75.00