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Investigating Human Heredity

kit #1270

An excellent introduction to the science of genetics, this enjoyable Lab-Aid contains four simple and easy-to-follow investigations.
Students study selected human traits that are controlled by a single pair of genes and then expand that study to include their lab partners, classmates and family members. The investigations begin by having students determine their phenotypes for several traits. Then, they determine genotypes for these same traits.
In the next investigation, they interpret the genotypes of individuals in a pedigree. Finally, they construct a pedigree diagram for a single inherited trait in their family by means of a controlled experiment for that trait. The students discover relationships between dominant and recessive traits. All the activities deal with easily studied inherited traits making this a highly motivating series of lab activities.


  • Study selected human traits controlled by a single pair of genes
  • Stimulate an interest in science of genetics
  • Determine phenotypes of several traits
  • Determine genotypes of same traits
  • Interpret genotypes of individuals in a pedigree
  • Construct a pedigree diagram for a single trait in their family
  • Conduct a controlled experiment for that trait
  • Discover and understand relationship of dominant and recessive traits

Content List in Investigating Human Heredity is as follows:

Quantity Description
1 Teacher’s Guide
30 Student Worksheet: Investigation 1 - What is Your Phenotype?
30 Student Worksheet: Investigation 2 - What is Your Genotype?
30 Student Worksheet: Investigation 3 - Making a Pedigree
30 Student Worksheet: Investigation 4 - Testing for an Inherited Trait
30 Control paper, strips
30 PTC paper, strips
Number of students

To complete this kit requires one ~50-minute class period.

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Investigating Human Heredity 1270 $71.00