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Body Systems, Structures, and Functions (Developed by SEPUP)

kit #804S

Students learn about major organs and systems in the human body. First, they complete an activity that explores their current knowledge and ideas about the sizes and locations of specific organs. Then, they group Organ and Structure Cards and explore the functions of several human body systems. Next, students create a three-dimensional model of selected body systems. Finally, they color the organ systems on a diagram and test their knowledge of systems and organs as they revisit their earlier ideas.


  • Models are created for exploring and communicating scientific information.
  • Human bodies have systems for digestion, respiration, reproduction, circulation, excretion, movement, control, and coordination.
  • Organs comprise these systems. Living systems demonstrate the complementary nature of structure and function.

Content List in Body Systems, Structures, and Functions (Developed by SEPUP) is as follows:

Quantity Description
8 Lab-Aids human torso model sets
8 sets of Organ and Structure Cards
8 sets of modeling clay, 4 sticks/set (red, blue, green, yellow)
8 sets of Body System Cards
8 sets of Organ Function Cards
8 sets of colored pencils
32 Student Worksheet and Guides
32 Student Sheet 1a-d, “Human Body Systems”
1 Teacher’s Guide
1 Color Transparency, “Systems to Cells 1”
1 Color Transparency, “Systems to Cells 2”
Recommended number of students
maximum 32 per class
Number of groups
8 groups per class
Number of classes
unlimited (no consumable materials)

This kit takes approximately five 45-55 minute class periods to complete.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Body Systems, Structures, and Functions 804S $389.95