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DNA, RNA, & Protein Synthesis Modeling

kit #72

Demystify the DNA/RNA connection in protein synthesis. This hands-on modeling approach makes the complex chemistry of DNA/RNA protein synthesis easily understood!

The kit includes twelve packets of color-coded molecular model components.

Following step-by-step directions, students will:

• Build and replicate an eight-rung DNA molecule
• Use half the DNA ladder to build mRNA (messenger RNA)
• Simulate mRNA movement by placing the mRNA on a ribosome
• Simulate translation by matching the mRNA and its codons to the tRNA (transfer RNA) and its anti-codons
• Disconnect the protein chain so the process can continue

Accommodates unlimited classes, each with 12 groups of two students.


  • Demystifies the DNA/RNA connection in protein synthesis
  • Replication, transcription and translation is modeled
  • Experience how information stored in DNA is expressed as a finished protein

Content List in DNA, RNA, & Protein Synthesis Modeling is as follows:

Quantity Description
12 Packets of color-coded model components containing: 36 white tubes, 10 Adenine (orange tubes), 3 Amino acids with R group, 8 Cytosine (blue tubes), 36 Deoxyribose sugars (black), 8 Guanine (yellow tubes), 18 Hydrogen bonds (white rods), 2 Peptide bonds (gray tubes), 9 Ribose sugars (purple), 1 Ribosome, 10 Thymine (green tubes), 3 tRNA (purple), 5 Uracil (purple tubes)
24 Student Worksheets and Guides, Part I and II
1 Teacher’s Guide
Number of students
Number of groups
Maximum 12 groups per period

To complete this kit requires one to two ~50-minute class periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
DNA, RNA, & Protein Synthesis Modeling 72 $243.15
ADD A GROUP for DNA, RNA Protein Synthesis Modeling 72EL $30.85