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Energy Transfer: Motion of a Pendulum

kit #212

In this activity students investigate the motion of a pendulum and the energy transfers that take place as it swings. They first investigate how the physical characteristics of a pendulum affect the period of a pendulum. They are given several variables to test and then asked to design and carry out an experiment to test the effect of another variable of their own choosing. Once the data is collected, they analyze the cyclic transfer between kinetic and potential energy that occurs as a pendulum swings.


  • Energy is a property of many substances and is transferred in many ways.
  • Kinetic energy is energy of motion; potential energy is stored energy.
  • The total energy of the universe is constant and although energy is transferred in many ways, it can not be destroyed.

Content List in Energy Transfer: Motion of a Pendulum is as follows:

Quantity Description
6 LAB-AIDS® Pendulum Stands
6 LAB-AIDS® Pendulum Stand Bases
6 LAB-AIDS® Pendulum Arms
6 LAB-AIDS® Start Angle Protractors
6 LAB-AIDS Height Markers
6 Metal hooks
6 50-cm sticks
6 Sets of 8 dot magnets
6 Binder clips
28 Student Worksheets and Guides
1 Teacher’s Guide
Number of students
Number of groups
Maximum 6 groups per period

To complete this kit requires one to two ~50-minute class periods.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Energy Transfer: Motion of a Pendulum 212 $199.65
ADD A GROUP for Energy Transfer: Motion of a Pendulum 212EL $34.35