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Food Product Systems Bundle 1

kit #AG-S12

This bundle provides a savings of $30.00 and contains the following kits:

Food Nutrient Analysis (#6A)
This Lab-Aid’s kit is a variation of the Food Analysis kit (Kit #6). In this kit however, tests are performed using pure samples of the nutrients in order to standardize the tests. Working in teams, students are asked to test for, and identify, five classes of nutrients: sugar, starch, lipid, protein and Vitamin C. This is an outstanding kit to demonstrate scientific methods, practices and processes.

Modeling Molecules of Life (#505)
In the Modeling Molecules of Life kit, students study the chemistry of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Durable, color-coded plastic atoms are assembled, disassembled, and reassembled quickly and easily into 3-D molecules that provide highly graphic and extremely motivating learning experiences. Carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins can be completed as a series of lab activities, or as separate units. Students can also work independently for enrichment or remedial study. Each module can be systematically subdivided into smaller sections so students can do the work when most appropriate.

Food Safety and Animal Health: Chicken Little, Chicken Big, Developed by SEPUP (#907S)
Medical and dietary supplement products, such as vitamins, are often given to humans and other animals to improve health, growth, or performance. In this activity, students analyze data from a fictitious study on the effects of a chicken growth supplement. Students are introduced to toxicology and the design of clinical trials, find threshold doses, then grapple with the trade-offs involved with determining an optimum dose.


Title Item # Price Quantity
Food Product Systems Bundle 1 AG-S12 $301.51
Food Nutrient Analysis 6A $144.15
Molecules of Life: Modeling Carbohydrates, Lipids, & Proteins 505 $162.65
Animal Health and Food Safety: Chicken Little, Chicken Big 907S $71.95