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Genetics Bundle 1

kit #AG-S01

This bundle provides a savings of $51.80 and contains the following kits:

Strawberry DNA Extraction (#79)
Teach biotechnology without the technology in your classroom. A “low-tech” hands-on solution to presenting some high-tech topics. Extract DNA from strawberries and examine some physical properties. A complete classroom kit that provides everything necessary (except strawberries) along with specially prepared cell lysating solutions and DNA precipitating. This allows students to easily extract DNA by first crushing the strawberry, then lysing to release the cell components and finally precipitating and viewing the DNA after spooling the DNA on a splint.

Investigating and Applying Genetics: Corn, Developed by SEPUP (#603S)
Students build their understanding of selective breeding for desired traits in crops such as corn. They investigate the outcomes of crosses of hybrid and dihybrid corn plants for two unlinked genetic traits: corn kernel color and sweetness. They use Punnett squares to predict the ratio of phenotypes that will be produced by different crosses and analyze the actual ratio of phenotypes of the second generation offspring. A reading describes traditional selective breeding and modern genetic engineering approaches to improving crops.

The Molecular Model of DNA and Its Replication (#71)
This basic introduction to the double helix model of DNA uses simple components developed exclusively by Lab-Aids®. Those unique components include:
• Double nitrogen pyrimidine bases are constructed proportionately larger in diameter than the single nitrogen purine bases
• Bases are linked by a unique hydrogen bond
• The deoxyribose sugar is pentagon-shaped, representing its actual molecular structure


Title Item # Price Quantity
Genetics Bundle 1 AG-S01 $268.39
DNA Extraction and Examination 79 $123.55
DNA Modeling: Molecular Structure & Replication 71 $117.40
Investigating and Applying Genetics: Corn (Developed by SEPUP) 603S $96.15