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Genetics Bundle 2

kit #AG-S02

This bundle provides a savings of $39.05 and contains the following kits:

Genetic Concepts (#70)
Through a series of simulated experiments, students experience the same problems encountered by the “Father of Genetics.” Students “rediscover” his Law of Genetics using specially designed GAM-ETO-DISCS® and TETRADICE® to simulate Gametogenesis and fertilization. These unique Lab-Aids® items produce random genotype combinations that are statistically consistent, as consistent as if done with living organisms. This lab activity was developed in a game format to achieve a high level of interest and involvement by the students.

Investigating Selective Breeding (#905)
In this series of two activities students explore inherited traits. They use Lab-Aids® simulated corn ears and Punnett squares to gather data on, interpret, and predict the probability of traits being passed from parent to offspring. They then read about “survival of the fittest,” natural selection, selective breeding, and the relationships between these concepts.

Heredity and Environment (#77)
By germinating hybrid tobacco seeds first in darkness and then in light, students make interesting observations using this challenging kit. Students set up controlled experiments that provide mathematical data to test their theoretical genetic hypotheses about heredity and the factors determined by the environment. They see how a recessive trait becomes evident. Students also germinate the hybrid tobacco seeds with one normal and one albino gene, stimulate shoot production, examine the relationship of the dominant gene (chlorophyll production) to the recessive gene and make conclusions concerning the genotype relevant to a visible phenotype. This is an excellent Lab-Aid to correlate heredity with environmental influences.


Title Item # Price Quantity
Genetics Bundle 2 AG-S02 $225.42
Heredity and Environment 77 $102.95
Genetics Concepts 70 $128.70
Investigating Selective Breeding 905 $51.50