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Heredity and Environment

kit #77

By germinating hybrid tobacco seeds first in darkness and then in light, students make interesting observations using this challenging kit. Students set up controlled experiments that provide mathematical data to test their theoretical genetic hypothesis about heredity and the factors determined by the environment. They see how a recessive trait becomes evident. Students also germinate the hybrid tobacco seeds with one normal and one albino gene, stimulate shoot production, examine the relationship of the dominant gene (chlorophyll production) to the recessive gene and make conclusions concerning the genotype relevant to a visible phenotype. This is an excellent Lab-Aid to correlate heredity with environment influences.


  • Discover which is more important: Heredity or Environment
  • Controlled experiment provides mathematical data to test hypotheses
  • Discover how a recessive trait becomes evident
  • Examine the relationship of a dominant gene to the recessive gene and draw conclusion concerning the genotype relevant to a visible phenotype

Content List in Heredity and Environment is as follows:

Quantity Description
60 Germinating papers
15 Germinating dishes, clear plastic, two-section
15 Germinating dishes, opaque plastic, two-section
1 Albino tobacco seeds, vial
30 Student Worksheets and Guides with Data Charts
1 Teacher’s Guide
Number of students
Maximum 45 at one time
Number of groups
Maximum 15 at one time

To complete this kit requires at least part of one ~50-minute class period for set-up and class time for observations and note taking over the next several weeks.

Title Item # Price Quantity
Heredity and Environment 77 $74.85
Heredity and Environment REFRESH-A-KIT 77-RC $28.20